The Carmelite Monastery of San Ángel

Mexico City, Mexico

I’m currently working on a full piece for Atlas Obscura on theses guys but I couldn’t wait to share the photos. These are naturally occurring mummies on display in the crypt beneath the monastery in San Ángel. The corpses are former parishioners of the neighboring church buried between 1600 and 1800. They were found by accident when troops ransacked the monastery during the Mexican Revolution in 1917.

More to come soon…

All photos by me.


My pal Louie needs some pen pals.  His birthday is next week on the 25th and I’ll bet he’d appreciate some birthday cards! He’s been in prison since he was 16.  An outline of is crime is as follows:

Overview:  Appellate documents and news articles state four teenagers, Trace 
Royal Duncan, 17, Cary Dale Grayson, 19, Kenny Loggins, 17, and Louis Mangione, 
16, kidnapped and murdered hitchhiker, Vicki De Blieux, 37, who was traveling to 
her mother’s home in Tennessee. The defendants picked her up and promised to 
take her to her mother’s but instead took her to a wooded area. After she 
spurned their sexual advances, they kicked and stomped her and threw her over a 
cliff. Carey Grayson told Louis Mangione that he was going to “sacrifice the 
bitch.” Three defendants then returned to the scene and proceeded to mutilate, 
cannibalize part of her body, and remove all of her fingers, both to thwart 
identification, and to keep as souvenirs. The defendants were arrested after 
Louis Mangione began showing Ms. De Blieux’s fingers to friends. Kenneth Loggins 
and Carey Dale Grayson were sentenced to death. Louis Christopher Mangione and 
Trace Royal Ducan received a sentence of life imprisonment.

The medical examiner found that every bone in the victim’s face was fractured at 
least once, her skull was broken open with most of the brain separated from it. 
Large lacerations were found on the back of her head along with extensive 
bruising on the head, her left and right ribs were fractured, there were at 
least 180 stab wounds all over her body, two incised wounds were found in her 
chest and abdomen, her left lung was removed by a knife, there was bleeding of 
the tongue, and all her fingers and thumbs had been removed. The medical 
examiner could not be certain what wounds were inflicted before and after death.

The satanic element of the crime was documented in Trace Royal Duncan’s appeal 
and several news articles. Duncan’s trial counsel stated that his co-defendants 
were Satanists and that Mr. Duncan “kicked the victim a few times in the head,” 
and the other co-defendants “returned to the victim’s body to mutilate it, 
stabbing it over 180 times, removing organs and eating them and removing fingers 
to thwart identification and to keep as souvenirs…” Counsel was able to 
interject his theory that two co-defendants were Satanists who instigated the 
murder, committed most of the acts against the victim, and threatened to kill 
the appellant if he told what happened. He attempted to portray co-defendant 
Grayson as the older instigator and leader who was a Satanist wanting to 
sacrifice the victim to Satan. In closing arguments the defense stated that the 
co-defendants could have committed the murder as a satanic ritual.

He's a super nice, polite guy. He's a good artist!  His address is as follows:

Louis Mangione 187156

Holman Unit 3700 B-12

Atmore, Al 36503